Communicating Faith in a Postmodern Culture

Lecturer: Dr Miroslav Pujic


1. Engage With the Present (Society)

2. Ethos of Postmodernism (Culture)

3. Foundation of Mission (Theology)

4. Out of the Box ... Into the Ministry (Ecclesiology)

5. Telling the Story, More Like Lovers & Artists (Communication)

6. Visual Faith (Media)


7. Invitation to a Journey of Development (Spirituality)

8. The Essence of Worship (Worship)

9. Fishing the Fish vs Swimming with Fish (Evangelism)

10. Process that Changes the Life (Discipleship)

11. Evangelistic Workable Models (Projects)

12. Accepting Your Gift of a Handicap (Leadership)

13. Personal Assessment on the Spiritual/Mental/Emotional Health (Pastor)

14. Tools that You Need (Resources)

15. Making Vision Alive (Strategy)

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