1. The majority culture in the European setting is postmodern, 46% of a total population. This number goes up to 1.8 billion

    people around the world, therefore there is a need for relevant and authentic approach to these people to make them

    disciples of Christ.


2. People tend to think:

    a. the greatest mission fields are foreign places where people look, talk, and dress differently

    b. the people next door will eventually be like us

    c. everything about postmodernism is liberal and relativistic

    d. tradition is more important than sharing Jesus


3. In order to reach postmodern generation we must:

    a. accept that most traditional methods and religious jargon don't work with postmoderns

    b. realise that postmoderns are people who really want to be spiritual, they just don't know how

    c. take advantage of this period of open-minded tolerance before the next cultural shift (fundamentalism) begins

    d. unashamedly live our journey of Christian transformation before the world

    e. reframe the ways we express our beliefs and principles to those around us

    f. embrace the reality that we are the evangelists - not the preacher, not the speaker - but each one of us

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