Transformational Worship

By Unknown Author

The Backdrop for Worship

It is not 1955 and people don't just come to our worship services because we have been on the town common for several hundred years. In this postmodern world of the 21st century, there are several dynamics going on in our culture.
• People are hungry for God, there is great interest in spirituality in the world, but sadly, people don't think they will find an experience of God in our worship services.
• People are not only church shopping today, but spirituality shopping, trying many places on the internet, television and elsewhere as they seek to understand the spiritual realm.
• Post-moderns are not looking for a "nice", orderly worship service that is always predictable. They are looking for an experience of the holy.
• This experience is marked by the desire for a mystical experience that brings hope for their lives and abandonment, a giving over completely to God.
• The post-modern world is most like the 1st century world of the early church.
• Churches that are going to respond to this world need to be crystal clear about Jesus, just as the early church was clear.
Some other important factors to remember: 

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Why we worship

By Dave Bilbrough

I wonder how many of us at one time or another have secretly held the view that God must have a pretty big ego to want and desire our praise on a regular basis. Exultations from scripture abound, yet incorrect interpretations and misplaced application can lead us to having a pretty warped view of God. The truth is God is never insecure. He does not need constant assurance from us that he is glorious, great and all-powerful as mere lip service to encourage himself. God does not have an inferiority complex. He is worthy of praise because.... he is worthy.
Though rightfully we proclaim that he is majestic and mighty; awesome and holy, the origins of new covenant worship begin from a place of understanding his sacrifice on our behalf and his rising again from the dead that we might live. Put simply: He gives and we respond. Our worship is a call to enjoy the outflow of this relationship of love.

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